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Dedicated to our centers, and to operators in general, discover here the tools that Andreani Group has developed to professionally work on all motorcycle, bike and car suspensions.

Born from the need of our technicians to measure the dampers and forks springs load, to control the oil level and so on, the Andreani tools are now a valid support for all those want successfully work in the suspension world and in particular for who receives requests for shocks absorbers and forks personalization.

From the Vaacum Pumps to all the Suspension Dyno family tools, with our machines – designed with attention to every detail, both from a technical point of view and in terms of design – workshops and suspension centers will have at their disposal all they need for the maintenance of the most common motorcycle, car and mountain bike forks and dampers available on the market.

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Suspension dyno DB4 Plus

Thanks to its powerful 5.5 kW motor, this tool will allow you to explore a wider range of Speed-Load combination and to tune any brands forks and shocks absorbers in a wide range of speeds and loads, choosing between several stroke settings.

Dyno spring ds1

Thanks to the possibility to cover up to 350mm of travel, this tool will give you data on the suspension progression and thrust (elastic and static) emitted by our suspensions at each millimeter of crushing.

vacuum pump SP5

Thanks to its sophisticated software, this tool will allow you to automate the tedious dampers emptying and filling procedure, and to make your work faster and more precise.

How they work?



Andreani Tools!

Fast, efficient and accurate, the Andreani tools facilitate the work both of the small neighbourhood workshops and of the biggest and demanding ones.


The fast and efficient work, possible thanks to this tools use, will increase the credibility of your workshop.

data collection

Thanks to their software, you can sample the obtained data and have a history of the tests carried out.


By purchasing one of these tools, you will rely on the Andreani decades of experience.


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