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Suspension dyno db4 plus

To measure the suspension hydraulic force and compare the different calibration, discover the DB4, the latest version of the test bench by Andreani.

The DB4 is the latest generation of test bench. Fully automated and with a compact design, it is optimized to test motorcycle, car and mountain bike suspensions. Thanks to its 4 kW AC-Motor, it allows to tune any brands forks and shocks absorbers in a wide range of speeds and loads, choosing among several stroke settings.

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DB4 & DB4 Plus


Its advanced features make possible to visualize in real-time the suspension force-speed graph, to compare different shock absorbers settings or various shims configurations, to measure the suspensions dynamic parameters and to detect any operating anomalies.



db4  13.000€

db4 plus  15.500€

(vat ex)


The cost includes:

  • DB4/DB4 Plus;
  • Asus or Lenovo laptop;
  • Dedicated software (customized versions avalable under request);
  • Portal access for software updates (every 3-6 months) and assistance (average reply time is 2h);
  • 24/7 Andreani technical support.

Suspension dyno DB4 plus

Upgraded version of the base model, the DB4 Plus thanks to its 5.5 kW three-phase motor 380 V allows to explore a wider range of Speed-Load combination.

This power increase makes the DB4 Plus the perfect tool for specialized technicians who have to characterize high strength and speed suspensions. Equipped as the DB4 with a sophisticated software that ensures an extremely accurate data collection, this tool – part of the Suspension Dyno family – allows to undertake hysteresis analysis, the energy dissipation and the damping coefficients calculation. The DB4 Plus makes also possible the comparison among different shock absorbers settings or various shims configurations, and permits to measure the suspensions dynamic parameters and to detect possible anomalies. Finally, plug-and-play like the DB4, the Plus model is also extremely easy to use and does not require the use of a dedicated computer.

DB4 or DB4 Plus? Choose the Suspension Dyno that best suits your needs

How the DB4/DB4 Plus work

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