Evo lite

SuperMousse  evo lite

PAC EVO LITE is the first product of the SuperMousse line by Andreani Group specifically designed for XCM and XCO that offers exceptional durability and performance and – being made of a special superelastic material – it combines lightness, smoothness and comfort in a unique product. Distributed in one size (29″) and optimized for tire 2.0÷2.40, it has been developed with a special (T) layout that allows an easy installation.


  • prevents the bead from loosening and saves the rim;
  • Allows to ride also in runflat;
  • Compatible with all sealants;
  • Available in one size;
  • Weight around 66g;
  • Packaging designed to be re-used as tyres bag.

Evo Lite: gravel e Road

Gravel & Road

Made of a special closed-cell material,

the PAC EVO LITE GRAVEL (rim width from 30 to 40mm and rims >21mm)

the PAC EVO LITE ROAD (rim width from 25 to 30mm and rims >22mm)

are characterized by:
– Impact resistance;
– Abrasion resistance and breaking strength;
– Greater flexibility;
– Cuts resistance;
– Thermal resistance, which allows to use them also at high temperatures;
– Humidity and atmospheric agents resistance from which it results a high corrosion resistance.


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