SuperMousse pac-1

The first dual compound mousse, created by Andreani Group!

The SuperMousse Andreani is born to optimize the tubeless tyres functioning by preventing the bead from loosening and saving the rim. The SuperMousse is composed of two different compounds: an external red hyperelastic part to ensure stronger grip and ride comfort and an internal black harder part which helps to absorb and dampen impacts and helps eliminate pinch flats. The SuperMousse Pac-1 is available in two sizes to choose from, depending on the tyre used.

Its main attributes are:

  • Dual compound Mousse;
  • External hyperelastic part to ensure stronger grip and ride comfort;
  • Internal hard part to prevent the bead from loosening and save the rim;
  • It works with any tubeless valve;
  • Each bag contains 1 mousse for 1 tyre;
  • Compatible with 29″, 27.5″ and 26″ wheels;
  • Included in the SuperMousse packaging: a Pac-1 sticker and an Andreani one.


Size L
45,00/excluded taxes
  • SuperMousse Size L
  • Weights L size: 29″ – 180 grams, 27.5″ – 158 grams, 26″ – 145 grams.


The SuperMousse is available in three diameters and, for each of them, in the sizes M (for Trail Bike, Enduro and eBike) and L (for Downhill and eBike).


TRAIL RIDING  (Simone Lucchini)
I have set the Supermousse by Andreani in the M size on a Trail bike.
Before perceiving its real benefit I have worked on the tyres pressure, in fact, I initially tried to use the same pressure I used to but, besides having an harder tyre, I did not really find a significant difference. The situation changes when the pressure decreases: you have immediately a stronger grip.
In case of accidental shocks, the SuperMousse system saves the rim, also after several months of use.


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