Tool Box



Tool Box

All the specific equipment useful to work on suspension combined in a single box

Dedicated to the sector operators, this tool is composed of all the necessary equipment to professionally work on all kind of suspension available on the market. The Andreani tools are available singularly or as packages divided in: Universal ToolBox, Track/Street Package and Off-Road Package.

The feather in the cap of the Andreani Group, this tool box contains shaped plates for the main diameters, the oil seal assemblers (available in different diameters for the main forks on the market), and an innertube polishing tool kit. It also contains our new fork tube disassembler, which allows to disassemble every diameter stems, and a shims box (shims available in different types and measures) to modify the suspension hydraulic settings. Moreover, in the upper part of the tool there is a shock springs disassembler to easily disassemble the shocks springs, as well as a WP shocks pressurization tool. Finally, there is also a suspension pressurisation kit composed by needle, pressure gauge and valve adapter to let the other shock absorbers to reach the desired pressure too.


Tool Box

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