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Vacuum pump – sp4

The Vacuum Pump is one of the first tools developed and sold by Andreani Group. Extremely useful, it is a must for anyone who wants to work on suspensions.

This tool allows to automatically vacuuming shocks by removing the air, both from the oil and inside the shock absorber, fast and precisely. Being the vaacum a procedure of primary importance for the suspensions right functioning, the SP4 – by optimizing processing times and reducing error margins – is a tool that gives an added value to every workshop.

The SP4, that represents an SP2 upgrade, is provided of two identical higher capacity tanks (2l each) that allow to carry out several vacuum cycles without refilling them; tanks capacity that allows to work on car shock absorbers too. Unlike the previous model, the use of which requires the manual activation of the various vaacum phases, the SP4 is equipped with a software that automatically handles the entire process. On top of the machine there is a handy space used to store working tools.

Price: 3.100€ (vat ex)


Light and extremely versatile, thanks to the two practical handles located on the sides of the machine, the SP4 is one of the tools easier to carry.

The SP4 allows to vacuum and fill all shock absorbers automatically, thanks to an easy-to-use software, and to control all passages through a display located on the front of the tool. Via the appropriate keys, the user has only to select the type of work to do, push the start button and wait for the acoustic alarm emitted by the machinery at the end of the procedure; it will allow you to optimize the processing times and the workshop efficiency.


How it works?

vacuum pump – sp4

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