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Vacuum pump – sp2

The SP2 is one of the first tools developed and sold by Andreani Group. Easy to carry and extremely efficient, this tool is a must for anyone who wants to work on suspensions.

This tool allows to semi-automatically vacuuming shocks by removing the air, both from the oil and inside the shock absorber, fast and precisely. Being the vacuum a procedure of primary importance for the suspensions right functioning, the SP2 – by optimizing processing times and reducing error margins – is a tool that gives an added value to every workshop.

In the current vacuum pumps range, the SP2 is the cheaper and compact one. Thanks to two practical handles located on its sides, it is also the most appropriate to be carried and/or used on track and at the circuits. After the work session, that lasts only few minutes, the technician has only to adjust the separetor level (or return the bladder in the slack position) and inflate the mono to the correct nitrogen pressure.

Price: 2.400€ (vat ex)


With its two little tanks of 1 and 1.5l, the SP2 allows to use two different kinds of oil or to keep one for the used oil without opening the shock absorber.

This tool permits to vacuum shocks by using the switches on the front of the machine. It also has two manometers useful to verify the oil pressure and the vacuum inside the shock absorber respectively. Once connected the shock absorber to the machine, by turning the first switch we make the “vaacum” inside the shock; by activating the pressure switch starts the injection of oil into the shock absorber, a procedure that we can keep under control through the frontal manometer.


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vacuum pump – sp2

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