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Vacuum pump – sp5

The Vacuum Pump is one of the first tools developed and sold by Andreani Group. Extremely useful, the SP5 is a must for anyone who wants to work on suspensions.

This tool allows to automatically vacuuming shocks by removing the air, both from the oil and inside the shock absorber, fast and precisely. Being the vaacum a procedure of primary importance for the suspensions right functioning, the SP5 – by optimizing processing times and reducing error margins – is a tool that gives an added value to every workshop.

The SP5 represents the last vacuum pump version. It is provided of two tanks of 2,5l capacity each and of a 220V motor, more powerful than the previous models, capable to perform the vacuum procedure more rapidly and effectively than before. The work is automatically managed by the advanced software that gives the user the possibility to set and customize various parameters. Equipped with last generation electrovalves, the SP5 has also a colour touch screen display that – allowing to check the process in real time – makes the tool use even easier.

Price: 3.839€ (vat ex)

How the vacuum pump sp5 works

vacuum pump -sp5

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