Shock Tester


Shock tester MTB

Dedicated to the MTB world, a tool to verify the right functioning of enduro and downhill bike shock absorbers.

The ST1 shock tester is a kind of manual test bench that allow to verify that the shock absorber react appropriately to external adjustments (compression and rebound) and that the “lockout function” – necessary to do not dissipate pedalling power – is both functioning and effective, as well as to fill the air shocks negative chamber.

Many times, we have to work on a shock absorber without having the bike in front of you. If so, it is clear that the shock tester becomes an essential tool without which you do not certainly have the possibility of verifying the suspension right functioning. In addition, for the correct inflation of various models of air shock absorbers it is necessary, after the pressurization, to press them slightly to well balance the inner chambers pressures; operation that become very difficult without an had hoc tool like the Andreani tester.


Shock tester MTB

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